We live in the countryside in the Northern Algarve where we have about 2 hectares of land, a mixture of carob (alfarroba), almond and olive trees. We work with the seasons, harvesting the crops and have close connections with our Portuguese neighbours. I speak fluent Portuguese which enables me to communicate with all our local suppliers and our houses have been renovated using local workers.

Our aim is to offer others a true experience of Portugal .We have lovingly restored and modernised our houses, using local labour and traditional methods and feel passionate about retaining the integrity of the old cottages whilst bringing them up to modern day living standards.

Conserving wildlife with our  country properties is plays a big part in our lives. We always have water available during the summer months for local wildlife and during the winter we have various shelters available. Where possible our house runs on solar power and no insecticides are used on our land or nearby.

We have our own dogs and cats, all rescued  and  sterilised and we enjoy long walks with the dogs as well as for me, riding my horse with the dogs keeping me company.

Our local area is wonderful walking and bird-watching country, it’s close to the via Algarviana, which runs across the Algarve and at the edge of the Serra de Caldeirão the hill range which separates the Algarve from the Alentejo. We have many cork oak plantations nearby which give shelter for walking when its hotter. However Spring and Autumn remain the best times for a walking holiday.

To us it’s very important to share our lovely area with like minded people. Those who are interested in conserving the  natural beauty of scenery and wildlife that we have, together with enjoying a relaxing holiday. I am happy to guide wiht walking and to provide non-guided routes. Our houses are all suitable for couples or single people and

Our houses each give a different type of experience of Portugal and can be enjoyed alone or together as a combination holiday.

Whether it be walking, bird-watching, helping with the harvest, or simply relaxing we are able to demonstrate more of the genuine Portugal which drew us to choose this lovely area in which to live.